Dispute Resolution

Do you think you may have been defamed by someone?

The action for defamation arises when something is written, said or otherwise represented about you, to another or others, which tends to lower your reputation in the eyes of the community.

Publication can occur verbally or in a written form for example, by letter or newspaper article, or in more recent times by e-mail, search engine result, internet blog or a social media post about you or your business on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google.

BSG Lawyers regularly acts for clients who have had their personal reputations damaged, as well as those who have had their professional and business reputations harmed and suffered loss as a result.

The Defamation Act 2005 (SA) requires the aggrieved person to establish:

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1. Material has been communicated (either in writing or orally) about them to a third person;

2. The communication has caused the third person to form a reduced opinion of them;

3. The defamatory material has caused, or is likely to cause, serious harm to their reputation.

It does not matter whether or not the publisher of the material intended to refer to or disparage a particular person. It is generally enough if:

  • the words reasonably lead persons acquainted with the complaining person to believe that person is referred to;
  • that the material discredits the person's character and reputation.

Our focus is on achieving an early resolution with practical outcomes.

BSG Lawyers understand the commercial world and fight hard for the best interests of their clients. Where possible we will seek to engage with the other party on your behalf to resolve the matter without having to resort to litigation. If your matter progresses to litigation we will nevertheless seek to get your dispute resolved during the ligation process and if your matter proceeds to trial we have the ability and experience to present your case to the court in an organised and determined way.

If you think you have been defamed or you have received a Concerns Notice you should seek an appointment with BSG Lawyers as early as possible Contact Us