Road Map to Prosperity

Road Map to Prosperity

– Article in the Advertiser 9/8/14

Shaping the Future of SA report inspired by outgoing Governor Kevin Scarce submitted to Government

Inspired by Governor Kevin Scarce, top business, academic and community leaders have worked together to build a plan which ranges from the big picture to simple steps that would cut costs and save time.

The series of achievable targets also include taxpayer backing for bank loans to small business which create jobs, allowing tradespeople to use bus lanes and an open door to wealthy migrants setting up shop in SA.

BSG Lawyers – as a legal firm working extensively in the area of Immigration Law – and whom have assisted foreign clients and businesses in “the complex area”of Business Migration to Australia – and whom are currently assisting and advising highly qualified professionals whom are applying to migrate to Australia, – concur with proposals in this Report that is, that it is vital to increase the Skilled and Business Migration intake, but to do so, South Australia has to be more competitive in attracting business migrants – and to encourage suitably qualified students to stay. BSG Lawyers – would also argue that a more “streamlined” approach in the processing of such applications is “a paramount factor” in improving this form of migration to South Australia (and Australia in general).