From Italy to Broome – Testimonial of Carmine Montano

From Italy to Broome

“Achieving my goal”

Life wasn’t meant to be easy – but I got there!!

Written by a client of BSG Lawyers – Carmine Montano

My name is Carmine and I come from Albanella, a little town 120kms south of Napoli. The 3th of October 2011 I landed in Sydney, with a one way ticket, a couple of thousands dollars and a Working Holiday Visa.

My first job was kitchen hand which I did for 4 months when I decided to look for a farm job, so I left Sydney to Adelaide (McLaren Vale) as I was told I could work there but they told me to wait and I didn’t want to so I jumped on a plane to Perth after few days. When I got there I started calling farmers down south but the most common answer was “the season is over”. I spent few days looking for farms and jobs when I run into a website about the pearl farming in Broome

With this little town it was love at first sight, I thought about living there for few months and working on a boat so I got a lift through the website gumtree with 2 Korean with a 4WD. It wasn’t the best company I’ve ever had but we drove all the West Coast to Broome in about 2 weeks. Arrived in Broome I stopped in the first backpacker with a bed available and started looking for a job in a pearling farm literally harassing them over the phone and in person. That backpacker at the end has been my house for 1.5 years!image

It seemed that chances to get a job on a boat were very little so I had to find something to do in the meantime. One day I went through all the notice boards in town and work agencies and applied for dozens of different jobs among which there was one as “experienced welder”. The next day someone called me asking why I had applied for that job without any experience and I replied saying that I thought they needed also people with no experience. His answer was:”Ok you start on Monday!” I worked as trade assistant for 3 months and that job made me stay in Broome a bit longer (I still had to find a farm and work 3 months to be able to stay one more year!

During this time I met a guy who was working for an airline company at the Broome airport as Store Manager and Technical records and he said that he would have left in July (2012)and they were looking for someone willing to stay for a long period. I had an interview and got the job and after few weeks my 457 visa was granted! I was the happiest man on the planet till the day they decided to close down after few attempts to sell it (June 2013). Luckily my boss who owns a freight company at Port Hedland airport called me saying that she would’ve had a job for me there. I packed my stuff and in a couple of days I left Broome and applied for the new 457 visa.

At the beginning of October it was granted and I could start working as Air Cargo Coordinator. The first few months it was hard but I liked the job and I’ve always been focused on the main goal which was the Australian residency.

I studied to get my IELTS and I got it and the 31st of March 2015 with the help of Mark Quaglia I could apply for my residency through the RSMS visa 187. I went on holidays in July in Thailand and while I was lying down on a stunning beach I received a text, it was Mark telling me that my visa was granted and I was officially Australian!

And here I am now, though life sometimes is a bit tough up here, it’s still an amazing experience, I would’ve never believed to leave the biggest Australian city to end up in one of the most regional places of the country! No plans for the near future, just keep working and enjoy the Pilbara sun!